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Greek Island Hopping

Greek island hopping

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades and it is a brilliant springboard to the other neighbouring Greek islands if you wish to island hop

donkey track up to manolas on Thirasia Thirasia

Take a boat trip to the nearby unspoilt islet of Thirasia ( you'll see it opposite Oia). The islet was once part of Santorini, but became seperated when the volcano erupted. The quiet islet has been described as a mini Santorini, but the main difference is there is hardly any tourist development.

During the 18th Century pumice stone was mined on Thirasia and some of it was used in the building of the Suez canal. The islet is only 9 sq. km with around 260 inhabitants.

There are daily boat trips in the summer from the ports of Ammoudi, or ferries from Athinios that will take you to Thirasia and the port of Riva or Korfos, where you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters, and then have a lunch of traditional Greek cuisine at the picturesque tavernas on the shore.

The boat trip will take about 15-20 minutes to get to Thirasia. The island is also a popular stop-off point for the volcano tour boats.

Climb up the 250 steps to the capital, Manolas, situated on the cliff-top, where you can enjoy a drink in one of the tavernas, and admire the stunning view over the harbour. There are donkey rides available up the steps. There are other villages on the island: Korfos, Riva and Potamos.

The Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin is also worth visiting, and there are 20 orthodox churches on this little islet. There are vineyards on Thirasia; most of the grapes are sent over to the main island to be made into wine.



Greek Island Hopping

ferries in crete

The beautiful island of Crete, shown above, is easily reachable by ferry or fast cat from Santorini.

During the summer season there are regular boat services to Anafi (1 hour), Ios (1¼hours), Folegandros(1 ½ to 2 ½ hours), Sikinos (2 ½ hours), Naxos (3 hours), Crete (3¾ hours),Paros (3 to 4 hours), Tinos (5 hours) and Mykonos (6 hours).

Skiathos Airport

If you decide to see other Greek Islands, Skiathos is worth a visit. It's a long way from Santorini but it's a beautiful island. It's uniquely placed airport with its short runway attracts plane spotters from all over the world to get close-up views of jets landing and taking off just a few feet over their heads.

Check out our video below..

Skiathos old Kastro village

The abandoned fortified village of Old Kastro sits atop a rocky promontory (top left in picture) in the north of Skiathos. Its strategic position on the clifftop provided a good defence from pirates with extra protection in the form of a drawbridge - the remains of which are still visible today. Kastro is well worth a visit with interesting ruins as well as several restored churches.


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