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Historic Lighthouse / Faros - Akrotiri

santorini lighthouse

Standing like a white sentinel on the southernmost tip of the picturesque Greek island of Santorini is the Akrotiri Lighthouse

visit the lighthouse

It stands at 36 21' 05" & 25 21' 05" at S.W. side of Santorini island, 350 m from the edge and at 100m elevation.

View from Santorini lighthouse Lighthouse - scenic viewpoint

The best time to visit the Faros (lighthouse) Akrotiri is during sunset. It is accessible by road and takes takes around 20-25 minutes to get there driving from Fira. The clear view from the stone lighthouse walls of the evening red sun dropping into the azure blue Aegean sea is a wonderful experience.

Santorini sunsets

The views from the lighthouse's cliff-top position are truly breathtaking - across the caldera and the Aegean sea. On a clear day you can see the caldera on the inside of the crescent, the small volcanic islets in the caldera's centre and several nearby islands from the cliffs by the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is owned and operated by the Greek Navy and is a great vantage point.

Unfortunately, there is no public access inside the unique square-towered lighthouse, but it is a wonderful viewpoint and well worth a visit.

Lighthouse history

The unusual square-shaped tower belongs to one of the oldest lighthouses in the Greek islands - built by a French trading company 'La Société Collas et Michel' in 1892. It was one of the first lighthouses to be constructed in Greece.

The square tower rises 10 meters up from the original lighthouse warden’s house.

The lighthouse, which is situated west of ancient Akrotiri, was originally operated by petrol fuel, using oil lamps, lenses, and a clockwork mechanism wound manually by a lighthouse keeper.

During the 2nd World War the lighthouse was closed, until 1945 when the Hellinic Navy reconstructed the Greek lighthouse network. The ground surrounding the historic lighthouse has been discovered to be teeming with archaeological evidence and ancient ruins dating from the Minoan period.

In 1983 the lighthouse was supplied with electric power. Since 1988 the Santorini lighthouse has been operated electronically - emitting a radiant white light at intervals of 10 seconds, with a luminosity of 24 n.m.

Traditional Greek Lighthouses


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