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Santorini is a great place for cat and dog lovers. Everywhere you go you'll find animals relaxing in the sun or chilling in the shade

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Visit Santorini Island in 2020

Santorini view

See the best view in the world - visit Santorini, the best Greek island

This is one of the most spectacular Greek islands - part of the Cyclades group, so called because they form a circle around the ancient island of Delos.

santorini statueNothing can prepare you for the first magical view of the towering multi-coloured lava layered cliffs rising out of an azure blue sea, topped with clusters of whitewashed villages and stunning cobalt blue-domed Byzantine churches.

It is picture postcard stunning, with no need of any artistic touching up - blue, blue sea, snow-white buildings and wonderful blue domes abound everywhere, particularly in the capital Fira and the ancient town of Oia. Away from the caldera, this loveliest of Greek islands has many quiet corners where the pace of life slows right down and you can experience the timeless peace of rural Greece. The historic villages of Pirgos and Megalochori are particularly worth a visit.

History of the island

Santorini owes its unusual shape to a massive volcanic eruption around 3,500 years ago - the magnificent submerged caldera (crater) is the epicentre.

As well as wiping out the thriving Minoan civilization with huge tidal waves (tsunami), the explosion led to the centre of the island collapsing to form the caldera or crater. The caldera has very steep sides (essentially the cliffs you see above sea level continue down for a further 400 metres or so below the surface of the water).

This allows even the largest cruise ships to enter the sheltered waters of the Caldera and anchor safely. As a result, the island has become one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean cruise circuit with two or three liners arriving and departing every day.

Remains of the historical Minoan civilization, which was highly advanced, can be seen at the spectacular mountaintop village of old Thira. At the recently re-opened Akrotiri archaeological site excavations have revealed some fascinating aspects of how life was lived on these sunny islands, thousands of years before Christianity.

Wedding in SantoriniWeddings - Get married in Santorini

As one of the most romantic places in the world, Santorini has always been a destination for honeymooners and in recent years it has become a very popular place to get married. Several venues host wedding ceremonies set against the stunning background of the caldera.

There are a number of companies which specialise in arranging weddings, blessings and civil ceremonies and dealing with the paperwork for US, UK and other EU citizens.

They will be happy to advise you on how to complete the formalities and can help to arrange everything so all you have to do is turn up on the day and get married!

You do need to plan well in advance though as it can take a while for the licence to be arranged.

You can have the choice of large or small wedding ceremonies in a variety of venues either overlooking the caldera or in quieter parts of the island.

Map of Santorini

What to see and do

Check out our instant tourist guide for the best and most popular things to do and see!


1. The Caldera - visit the volcanic island of Nea Kameni and swim in the hot sulphur springs of Palia Kameni


2. Sunset at Oia (known locally as Ia), enjoy a meal or drink at this beautiful village overlooking the scenic Caldera

wine tasting

3. Wine-tasting and see the extensive vine growing areas of the island by following the wineroads - Santo Wines in Megalohori

red beach

4. Visit the stunning Beaches - try a different one every day - relax or swim in crystal clear water

fira shops

5. Souvenir shopping at Fira and Oia - designer fashion and fabulous jewellery and gold shops


6. Climb up the steps - 587 from the Old Port to Fira or 250 steps from Ammoudi to Oia.

santorini view

7. Monastery view of island Drive up to the highest part of the island and see for miles across the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea


ruins with cat

8. Visit the ancient city ruins at Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, and see fascinating Cycladic, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures at the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera.

greek bell tower

9. Visit the traditional Greek villages : Imerovigli, Pyrgos, Megalohori and Emporio, and experience the timeless tranquility of rural Greece


10. Island hop to nearby Thirasia or further afield to Ios and Sikinos


11. Visit the historic Akrotiri Lighthouse in the far south of the island for a fabulous view

open-air cinema

12. Enjoy the open-air cinema at Kamari - open from June onwards.

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