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what souvenirs to take home with you

This beautiful Greek island produces and sells many wonderful products that you'll want to buy for yourself and your friends and family.


Santorini eats and drinks

Santorini Wine - take the lovely crisp white wines Nykteri and Assyrtiko and delicious creamy dessert wine Vinsánto home with you.

Try the wonderful tasty local products:
Santo tomatoes : tomato sauce, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes
Santo capers: aromatic wild capers and caper leaves
Also Santorini honey (thyme honey is gorgeous), olive oil, aged vinegar, Koufeto (almonds and honey) and local fava beans make delicious souvenirs to take home from the island.

Where are the best places to shop?

Fira is a lively shopping experience with lots of designer shops selling wonderful accessories, clothes and jewellery. There are many fashion shops selling designer goods ranging from Timberland to Armani. There are also art galleries selling local paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

Along the crest of the caldera run many fantastic jewellery shops - the area Ypapantis is known as Gold Street. Here you will find classic and contemporary jewellery designs :hand-made gold and silver items with precious and semi-precious stones, beautiful pieces based on classic ancient Greek designs and many designer watches.

Oia is another shopping haven with many lovely boutiques, galleries, jewellery and souvenir shops.

Other items to look out for are hand-painted ceramics, natural sponges, pumice stones, T shirts and fridge magnets.


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