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Santorini is a great place for cat and dog lovers. Everywhere you go you'll find animals relaxing in the sun or chilling in the shade

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Best day trip - things to do in Santorini in one day

The general opinion is that you need at least 5 days to really take in all the sights. However, if you are on a cruise and find you only have a day on Santorini to explore this beautiful Greek island, there are some amazing things to do and see. It will be a busy day-trip but seeing the best places will be well worth it!

cruise ships visiting Santorini for a day

What do do in a day on Santorini

1. Enjoy the magnificent view of Santorini as you approach the island. It's likely you'll be sailing between the caldera (crater) and volcano, and combined with the white buildings and blue-domed churches perched on the top of the sheer cliffs, it is a stunning view from the water.

2. If you dock at the Old Port (Skala Firas) you would be advised to catch the cable-car up to Fira, as walking up the 587 steps or riding a mule, will take too much of your precious day on the island. There can be a short wait if a cruise ship has just docked, but the queues go down quickly as the cable-cars leave every 5 mins and only take around 3 mins to get to the top.
windmill in Santorini
Explore the bustling capital town of Fira - there are lots of cafes and restaurants overlooking the caldera, so try and enjoy a drink whilst you gaze out at the fabulous view.

There are plenty of shops offering souvenirs, jewellery, designer clothes and accessories.The galleries and art stores are filled with original paintings depicting Greece's beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.

4. If you are not part of an organised tour, then you will need to hire some transport if you want to see all the sights. There are lots of dealers offering competitive rental rates for scooters, quad bikes and cars so don't forget your driving licence and credit cards.

Remember to ask the rental company for a map of the island and directions if you need them.

5. Either visit the different coloured beaches - red (the Red Beach), white (the White Beach) and black (Kamari or Perissa) - they are worth looking at even if you don't have time to stay and enjoy the sunbathing or swimming.

6. Or visit the ancient city of Akrotiri - the most important archaeological find in the Eastern Mediterranean. The ancient city was preserved by the lava from the volcanic eruption.

7. Top of the must do things is to visit Oia, which is a charming village built into the cliff with narrow paths, cobbled streets and an amazing view over the caldera. If you have time this is the place to enjoy a stunning and memorable sunset - the crowds gather in the evening at the castle walls and it's a wonderful atmosphere as the sun descends into the blue Aegean sea - expect much whooping, cheering and applause from enthusiastic tourists!

sunset over the caldera

8. Time to rejoin your cruise or catch a ferry to your next destination.

You've seen many of the top attractions during one day, but there are so many more things to see and do:

the winefields, the picturesque traditional villages like Pyrgos and Megalohori, the wineries, the museums teeming with prehistoric discoveries, the wonderful local cuisine, a trip to the caldera's volcanic islets and the nearby lovely island of Thirasia, a swim in the hot springs and much more ...

Try and come back some day to experience all this beautiful Greek island has to offer.


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