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Traditional Greek Villages

Pyrgos - traditional Greek village in Santorini

Pyrgos, Megalochori, Imerovigli, Emporio - traditional villages of Santorini

Traditional Greek villagePyrgos Pyrgos

8 km southeast of Fira

This is Santorini's old capital - a fortified Venetian town with mansions and narrow cobbled streets.

The village is perched on the top of a hill, giving it a breath-taking view of the island, and is said to be the highest village in Santorini. There is a good view of Mt Profitis Ilias

is one of the oldest settlements on Santorini. The traditional houses are clustered around the Venetian castle (Kastro) - which dates from the 13th century - with a network of small streets snaking up the hill.

Wander around the labyrinth of alleyways to discover Pyrgos's traditional houses, castle ruins and achitecture - most of the village is a pedestrian zone.

The village has many beautiful churches including many blue-domes and a stunning belltower, containing six bells in a pyramid shape.

There are tavernas and tourist shops at the bottom of the hill. Pyrgos is a good place to escape the crowds as it is much quieter than Fira and Oia.

Tip: There is a car park off the road near the bottom of the hill, and once you climb up to the top of the village an excellent cafe where you can have a coffee, and enjoy the spectacular view.

bell tower Megalohori>


9-10 km southwest of Fira

This is an enchanting traditional settlement with stone cobbled streets that dates back to the 17th century. There are historical mansions, traditional houses and wine canavas.
You'll notice that many of the houses have high walls, inner courtyards and heavy wooden doorways - this was to protect the residents of the village from pirates!

Megalohori is the heart of the wine production on the island and three Santorini wineries are located here: Antoniou, Boutaris and Gavalas. The winding cobbled streets all lead to the shady main square where there are tavernas and restaurants.

Tip: The roads in Megalohori are particularly narrow, but there are car parks at either end of the village so it's best to park up and stroll through the quiet streets to the flower-bedecked main square.


3 km north of Fira - the next village after Fira and Firostefani

This picturesque traditional village has a beautiful view overlooking the nearby island of Thirasia across the Caldera and a panoramic view of the island.

is built on the highest point of the Caldera, at an altitude of 500 m and is a fantastic place to watch the sunset over the caldera. Check out the Panagia Malteza with the wooden temple and the post-byzantine Castle of Skaros which was once used as an observatory.

There are traditional hillside cave settlements, amazing architecture and a labyrinth of streets.The 1956 volcano eruption caused a lot of damage to the village so much has been restored and rebuilt.


This picturesque traditional village is built on the plain in the South of Santorini. As you approach the village from the west you will notice a line of old windmills on the hillside. There are blue-domed churches and a ruined castle. The beautiful architecture is worth noting throughout Emporio.

The village overlooks Perissa beach. This was once the economic centre of Santorini with the windmills, Goulas castle - this is located North of the village and is where the villagers protected themselves from any marauding pirates, Kasteli with Old Panagia - has an ornate carved wooden dome on its bell-tower and is a fortress from the Byzantine period, and Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis - a former temple and ancient sacred site of the 3rd century B.C.

Traditional Greek village in Santorini

Enjoy the peace and timeless tranquility of the Greek islands in a traditional village in Santorini

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